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Employee Vetting

Cornerstone offer a full qualification, reference and credit checking facility for our clients’ customers and employees.

“Hardly a day goes by without mention in the press of another employee in a well known company being found out. From contestants lying in The Apprentice, to bank employees who have committed fraud, to call centre staff who have been selling on customer data to fraudsters. It seems to happen in all walks of life and industry sectors, with alarming regularity. The implications for organisations of placing the wrong person in a position can be severe and have potentially high financial and reputational consequences.” (experian.)


Staff vetting is often overlooked in employee recruitment as many Human Resources professionals do not actually understand the business impact of recruitment of employees who have:

  • lied or exagerated on their CVs to obtain a job;
  • no right to be employed in the UK;
  • other questionable events in their past that they do not declare at recruitment time.

A common area of problem is the use of third party supplied staff as the third party (typically a recruitment agency) rarely ever does any staff vetting or screening on them, though this is often assumed to have happened.
As specialist security consultants Cornerstone Security realise that their clients are more dependent than ever on high quality and trustworthy employees, and so they have created this background screening service.

The implications for Clients who have employed those who have later been found to have ‘questionable pasts’ have at best been ‘serious inconvenience’ and, at worst, ‘extremely damaging’ to their reputations and image. There have been a number of widely reported cases of employees (some in senior sensitive posts), who have been found out to be fraudulent, in many cases, months or even years after they had been employed. Few realise that it is a criminal offence to lie on a CV, the Risk Advisory Group estimate that over 50% of CVs in the City of London contain errors ranging from minor inaccuracies to outright fabrications.

We have a background of over twenty years’ experience in the security industry and Criminal Investigations with the British Police and feel this uniquely qualifies us to also offer our professional services in the following specialised areas of personal and corporate security investigation:

  • Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosures
  • Security Vetting (Screening) including BS7858:2006 + A2:2009
  • Corporate Investigations, Evidence Gathering & Crime Prevention
  • Landlord, Employer and Bank references checking
  • DVLA and University qualification checking
  • Money Laundering Finance Checks
  • CV & Identity Checking
  • Enquiries for Solicitors
  • Statement Taking

some of the services we undertake include:

(The following can be checked in the UK. Different jurisdictions will have different information available:)

Item Service
Personal Identity Protect against identity theft and fraud using a cross-referencing check over a number of data sources.
Employer References Obtain personal references from sources provided by a prospective employee, such as previous supervisors, customers, suppliers.
Employment History Confirm past employment history, periods of (un)employment, positions held and reason for leaving (where available).
Qualifications Provide protection against bogus educational and professional qualifications by validating them with the relevant institutions.
Memberships Provide protection against bogus professional memberships by validating them with the relevant granting body.
Directorships Validate current and previous Directorships and highlights any disqualifications that are in place.
Criminal Records Checks Check with the Criminal Record Bureau for the existence of any current criminal record.
Credit History Establish financial status, credit history and any adverse information that may affect employment.

Within the UK Vetting is also carried out by Government agencies or contractors acting on their behalf to the following clearance levels:

  • DV (Developed Vetting);
  • SC (Security Check);
  • CTC (Counter Terrorist Check);
  • EBS (Enhanced Baseline Standard);
  • BPSS (Basic Personnel Security Standard);
  • NATO (NATO Cleared);
  • MPS (Metropolitan Police Service);
  • SIA (Security Industry Authority);
  • ECRB (Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau);
  • CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)


The Cornerstone Security Solutions approach ensures that you will substantially reduce the threat of dishonest employees by:

  • ensuring an appropriate vetting process is in place at recruitment time;
  • ensuring that you meet your legal requirements and have met the requirements for the ‘statutory defence’;
  • managing and treating significant risks to reduce them to an acceptable level in line with risk appetite;
  • providing a complete, certified and documented vetting process and report;
  • providing a process for ongoing vetting and monitoring of employees;
  • that third party supplied staff are also subject to the same level of vetting as internal staff;
  • training HR staff to be fully versed in proper vetting processes and procedures;
  • training line managers who may employ third party supplied employees in appropriate vetting processes and procedures;

All of Cornerstone Security Solutions consultants are qualified and have the required competence to meet the needs of our Clients. This service is without doubt the best solution to protect your interests and is fantastic value; starting at under £100

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