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Is your home in the North West? Read on for some fantastic offers!!

Having your home constantly monitored provides that extra level of security as well as piece of mind. Close Circuit Television systems (CCTV) have been a popular solution for many years. Today, technology has advanced and the best systems can record high quality images that can be remotely monitored. You no longer need to be a footballer or celebrity to enjoy this level of peace of mind. Here at Cornerstone we have put together several different packages that we can offer the domestic client.
Ranging from single or two camera installations through to complex networks of cameras, Cornerstone will advise on the best option for your security requirements and your budget.
We’ll oversee everything from sourcing the right products to full installation, and our expert engineers will work out where to place your cameras to ensure optimum coverage.
There are two types of camera systems to choose from, each with its own benefits in terms of effectiveness and value for money.

Analogue Camera (DVR)

This package is still very popular with domestic customers. It can range from two, four or eight cameras installed and connected to a digital video recorder (DVR) with a viewing monitor or viewed on your PC or TV. You will normally have footage for the previous month at any given time. This solution can be installed from as little as £595 +VAT  this will include remote viewing, including via mobile phones and tablet computers.

Networked IP Camera (NVR)

By far the most popular and the latest camera technology on the market can generate high definition mega-pixel images. This enables the camera to view a wider area than normal and allows the user to enlarge a specific area to view details such as car number plates or what a person has in their hand. To handle the increased amount of data, the camera contains its own computer that compresses the images. The camera computer is connected to a local area network (LAN) to be accessed from another PC, or to a broadband network (WAN) for remote viewing. Video can be stored on the network video recorder (NVR). These systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world and are used by all Law Enforcement Agencies and Border Control Agencies. As IP technology develops, prices are becoming increasingly more attractive to consumers. We can currently offer this solution from £1095 +VAT for an entry level system.

Whether you need a hi-tech monitoring station or want to access images from your smartphone, contact us to discuss the variety of options available. Cornerstone Security value your custom and will do everything we can to commission the right system for you. We pride ourselves on our after sales service and support and recommend that all systems are fully maintained to ensure that all equipment remains fully operational at all times.

Please Call us on 0161 660 8891 or fill in the form to your right for a call back.