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Anti-Social Behaviour

Evidence Gathering

We install bespoke covert camera systems specifically designed for each situation. We can create a network of cameras to cover a target area such as communal social housing areas (internal and external) and our systems fit into riser cupboards, lights, lifts, virtually any housing we can access. Our covert cameras are so small they fit inside a screw head. Antisocial behaviour is on the increase and communities and individuals are becoming less tolerant of such nuisance, interfering and threatening behaviour.

Cornerstone Security regularly install a wide range of covert recording units which capture the essential video footage of:

  • Nuisance behaviour in Anti Social Behaviour cases
  • The traffic of individuals using a property in Unlawful Subletting cases
  • The traffic of ‘visitors’ in Immoral Use cases
  • Fly-tipping vacant proprety protection

Note that one of these solutions is not CCTV. Our bespoke installations can be installed covertly. The cameras are not visible and the target individuals are not made aware that they are being monitored.

The team at Cornerstone are highly experienced in assessing the best type of bespoke installation for each individual requirement, considering the aspects of individual targets, objectives, environmental issues such as light, heat, moisture and of course to ensure complete discretion so as to not alert any individual to what is being installed. Our camera installations are not visible and can not be identified. They can be installed in lights, smoke detectors, cupboards, fuse boxes, skirting. They can monitor entire properties, hallways, doorways, external areas such as car parks, recreation areas and gardens. These systems can be hired or installed permanently with training given to staff.

Units can record continuously for up to three months (depending on circumstances) or can be preset to utilise the advanced motion-detector settings and can capture footage from up to four separate covert camera installations. This means that we can cover different aspects of one building or area and allows us to have, for example, one camera covering the entire area, whilst others are zoomed in so we can identify the target individuals. We currently have these systems deployed for various clients across the country.


Over the last decade, Cornerstone Security has developed solutions that have allowed social landlords, housing associations, football clubs and law enforcement agencies to harness the power of technology for improved performance, safer operations and reduced costs. Cornerstone Security latest offering – re-deployable wireless CCTV – will help local authorities to prevent crime, reduce anti-social behaviour and provide improved community reassurance.
With increasing public concern over community safety and accountability, tackling anti-social behaviour is vitally important. Effective response depends on the ability to report, record, monitor and react to all activity in a unified way.

Product Benefits

  • Designed to cater for an organisations bespoke needs
  • Comprehensive, easy to use capabilities
  • Extensive analysis and reporting
  • Covert and overt recording solutions
  • Integrates with contact centres and 3rd Party IT systems
  • Mobile Working capabilities.
  • seamless rollout with offsite data collection and backup systems
  • Working with local authorities, police and social housing groups, Cornerstone Security provides the necessary foundation for fast, cost effective investigation and enforcement
  • We blend the experience gained from working with over 600 organisations across community services and the wider public sector with leading software and integration expertise
  • Cornerstone Security for anti social behaviour was developed in conjunction with Local Authorities, Housing groups and law enforcement agencies. It has been adopted by more than 40 organisations from Metropolitan Boroughs and Councils, Public Transport Authorities to Local Authorities and Registered Social Landlord organisations.

The system complements Cornerstone Security portfolio of local authority solutions and is available as a standalone solution for new sites or as an extra for clients requiring additional service. We can put Cameras absolutely anywhere. Covert Cameras capture everything

If anti-social behaviour is blighting your life or your community, there’s a good chance we can help you.

Our Service operates on the premise of Record and report. No aggressive confrontations. It takes the stress out of reporting anti-social behaviour to the police and makes what follows less of a trial.  The authorities can and will pursue the perpetrator .


  • collect legally sound evidence of the anti-social behaviour
  • secure and validate your evidence and statement while you seek advice and decide what to do.


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