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Construction Site Security


A construction site or any new development contains much that is valuable and is an attractive prospect for criminals. So you’ll want a reliable security system that protects all your plant, equipment and materials, ideally without costing too much money.

The Construction Site CCTV Solution – supplied by Cornerstone Security Ltd. – is perfect for this purpose.

With this system, your site is fully covered by Digital HD networkable CCTV and, outside of normal working hours, is monitored from a remote operating station. When any activity is detected, a trained operator will issue a live audio warning to establish whether there are trespassers or intruders on site, and then immediately alert police or mobile security patrols.

All this happens within seconds of the activity occurring. And, because all activity is recorded, you have vital evidence to prosecute any offenders.

It’s more reliable and up to 70% cheaper than a full-time security guard. After all, it’s always alert, awake and available!

What’s more, the system is very cost effective. Packages start from £3.50 per hour and include all monitoring and maintenance charges. You can hire the equipment for as long as you need it and our specially trained engineers will set it up for you, ensuring every point of your site is covered.

Last but not least, the specialised equipment we use is designed to withstand the harsh environment of a building site. The system is fitted with anti-sabotage features – such as uninterruptable power supply battery backup – so you don’t have to worry about vandalism disrupting surveillance. 

It pays to have Cornerstone Security Ltd. install this versatile CCTV system. As well as reducing the risk of costly vandalism and theft, it all comes at a price that’s affordable.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help keep your site secure, and prevent theft or damage from hampering the progress of your project.

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