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Installation of IP CCTV and access control system.
St. Charles Primary School, Swinton

In any school, the security of students and staff is paramount. When the governors of St. Charles Primary School in Swinton decided to review their security arrangements, they approached a number of contractors but it was Cornerstone Security Solutions Ltd who eventually won the tender.

“We wanted flexibility and a system that would restrict unauthorised access,” says former governor Dominic Walsh, who is a full-time PFI programme manager. “We also needed something that would meet the strict safeguarding standards of Salford Council and Salford Diocese.”

Cornerstone advised the school and installed an IP CCTV system with 360-degree cameras and fully integrated door access control.

“The beauty of IP CCTV is that you can record very detailed images,” says Cornerstone’s Sales Manager, Darren Quick. “This allows you to zoom into objects like car registration plates and also helps monitor any behaviour outside the school gates that causes concern. What’s more, all the images are recorded and stored for 31 days, so it’s very effective.”

The school board was certainly impressed. “It’s amazing what it can do,” says Mr. Walsh. In fact, Cornerstone was able to save the board money on their original security budget and offer additional features that would ‘futureproof’ the system. They did this by adding extras to allow for expansion and the introduction of developing technology later on.

Special door access technology was also installed and ensures only authorised visitors can enter the building. As well as controlling school entrances, the access technology monitors the attendance of staff, which helps with administration.

Installation and education

The installation took place over a two-week period and was carried out around school hours to avoid disrupting the school day. “The installers were very tidy and fully CRB checked, which is important for any school,” says Mr. Walsh.

Following the installation, Cornerstone educated school administration staff on how to use the system effectively. With easy-to-follow instructions, all were confident that the new system would work well.

“There were very few teething problems,” says Mr. Walsh. “We only had one issue with a door fixture but this was as a result of something we had not considered in the planning. Cornerstone came out and fixed it free of charge.”

Overall, the staff and students at St. Charles School were left satisfied that the new security system has made the school a safer and, therefore, happier place to be. 

“Cornerstone offered the best value for money,” says Mr. Walsh. “They considered the school’s needs and the service was faultless.”

Case study breakdown

Installation of IP CCTV and access control system.
St. Charles Primary School, Swinton